Saturday, March 7, 2009

Go on...Take Another (Gluten Free) Pizza My Heart

I think I may have died and gone to heaven…or maybe I’ve just found heaven on earth…or in Rome, at least. Or (horror) maybe I’m mistaken and the pizza I’m eating isn’t gluten free, it’s normal wheat infested pizza…oh god no!!! Waiter, take the pizza back, this isn’t gluten free! It’s too good to be gluten free…Excuse me? Are you sure? This flag means it’s definitely gluten free? Okaaayy, if you say so…

That’s precisely how I felt after I took my very first bite of Il Tulipano Nero’s gluten free pizza. And I was more than pleasantly relieved to not have any Celiac symptoms after I ate their delicious, to-die-for- and-happily-suffer-in-hell-for-pizza. Actually, I never felt better! I would definitely be back…tomorrow, and the next day and the next!! And soon enough, the little, barely visible, pizzeria in the touristy and quaint Trastevere area of Rome, would become my second home, making me officially dipendente (addicted). Now I’ve got to get my fix once a week at least. I mean, c’mon! I have to! I never, in my gluten free dreams, could have imagined eating a pizza that was so similar to regular pizza (and I have friends that actually prefer the gluten free pizza to normal pizza, if you can believe). I’ve been to Napoli, the birthplace of pizza, as a gluten eater before I was diagnosed with Celiac, and Il Tulipano Nero is definitely, without a doubt, competition and much closer for me to get to and the best part, Celiac friendly…

But they don’t only specialize in Pizzas…they also have indulgent and delightful appetizers, such as bruschetta (broo-sket-ah), suppli (sue-plee) – a native Roman deep fried and battered rice and cheese ball…first courses, such as pasta, ravioli… second courses, such as stracetti (strah-che-tee)- thinly sliced beef sauteed and tossed with rucola, and scaloppini (skalop-peenee)- veal battered (in gluten free flour of course) and fried in white wine or lemon… and my dear Celiacs, they have dolci, desserts, such as Tiramisu, pinenut cake, chocolate tort and many other special torte del giorno) (cakes of the day), all for us to feast on.

They do lunch on the weekends but don’t have the gluten free pizza at lunch. They also do pizza da portare via (take away pizza) and it’s a little less expensive. Pizzas range from 7-10 euros at the restaurant and 5-8 for take away. The pizzas are made in a completely separate kitchen and oven than the normal pizzas.As you can see, it won’t burn a hole in your wallet or your stomach! You don’t have to know Italian either because if you understand “senza glutine” (without gluten), you’ll be set.

I really don’t think it gets better than this!

Check out Il Tulipano Nero at Via Roma Libera, 15 in Piazza San Cosimato in Trastevere…phone 06 581 8309…website


  1. just discovered your blog and waving hello. lucky you--to live in rome AND have il tulipano nero!

  2. I have been waiting for another fascinating entry in your blog. My mouth is watering and I am looking forward to visiting il tulipano nero when I visit Rome. Keep writing!!

  3. Hi!
    I'm from Finland (which is heaven for coeliacs by the way). I'll travel to Rome in Janyary and I find from internet this place called Le Ben, have you ever eat there or buy their products?

    I really recommend a trip to Finland for coeliacs, here it is possible to by gluten free burgers from McDonalds and gluten free food is available almost in every restaurant (there is also two chain restaurants that makes gluten free pizza)